First update of FanTiles released

Version 1.1 of FanTiles was released in the Windows Store last Friday. Download it here.

This version fixes an issue some users had with the background update task not being registered properly if the app had been started only once. I also added support for displaying Instagram followers, decreased the startup time (by saving state on suspend) and made some other tiny UI improvements.

Instagram preview

Support for Instagram

The approval process was really fast. I submitted the app update 2:07 PM, received the certification confirmation at 3:41 PM and at 4:26 PM the new version was available in the Windows Store. 2,5 hours from writing the last line of code to having the update available worldwide is just outstanding. I suppose submitting the app on a Friday, as compared to Sunday evening, helped.

With this version I also enabled the analytics module from Markedup. Markedup should provide insight into how the app is actually being used, as well as supply logs of custom events and unforeseen errors and crashes. More on that later.

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FanTiles has been released

FanTiles app


My very first Windows 8 Store app just got released! It took several hours of coding, a failed certification and a lot of diet coke, but now it’s finally out there. It’s simple, but it does its job. And I hope someone will find it useful. Download it for free.

What took me so long? First of all, I decided to force myself to write the app in JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3. Coming from a .NET/C# background, it took me some time to wrap my head around not only JavaScript, but also the augmentation that WinJS is. I have learned a lot about how to structure JavaScript, working with asynchronous code execution and writing efficient, maintainable code, but a Windows 8 Store app is so much more that the curly braces. It’s graphical and interaction design, copywriting, monetization, marketing, scaling and so on. Hopefully I have picked up something that may be useful to others. I have definitely made mistakes that others could learn from. This blog will function as my own journal and memory bank, but hey, it’s on the Internet so someone will probably spot mistakes I’ve done and yell at correct me, or maybe even find something they can apply in their own projects.

My list of new app ideas is currently about 3 pages long, and I’m hoping to find the time to develop and release at least some of them. The Windows Store is still in its infancy, not even a year old, and with 60 million licences of Windows 8 sold to date, there is quite the potential for app developers to earn a buck or two.

You can reach me by emailing or tweeting @indieyuppie.

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